Friday, 29 June 2012

dear myself

Dear myself,
I dont wanna chase after fames, luxurious and what so ever on earth.
What im really wanna be a good servant to Allah S.W.T and practice as much as possible the kindness act from the best of human kind, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
I try my best very best to be an obedient and "solehah" daughter. May ALLAH grant us with Jannah even the way is full of difficulties ...
Insha Allah im sure Allah ALWAYS GUIDE OUR WAY .. amin :)
And dear my future zaujan, i dont mind if u r rich or not whatsoever.
im really want u be my imam and navigator to our lives in here and insha allah in Jannah.
My principles in choosing Mr.Right i will choose whom with religion 1st o/wise i will remain single :)

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